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Techopedia defines precision cooling as :

Precision cooling is an air conditioning or cooling technique that is specifically designed for use in IT equipment and environments and is implemented in devices that directly cool electronic and IT equipment.

Many small and medium businesses have grown and had to adapt their IT on the fly, in whatever space they had available. As their IT needs grew, the walls of the IT room stayed put. Maybe the IT room was originally someone’s office or even a spare closet/utility room. Keeping this space cool became a big challenge, as commercial “comfort” air conditioning is not designed for IT equipment. Think about typical air conditioning for a moment. The goal is to make the room comfortable for humans, which includes temperature and humidity control. You have thermostats placed in a few key spots and they control the cooling units with the goal of keeping the office within the set limits. The ability to remove moisture from the air (known as “latent cooling”) is key and resources are allocated to that task.

Now let’s get back to Precision Cooling. IT equipment continues to change. It grows more dense. It generates more heat. It creates a drier heat. Cooling IT equipment primarily requires dealing with the heat measured by a thermometer, or “sensible cooling”. You don’t have to worry about the humidity.

Why does this matter? Well, one white paper by leading OEM explains it pretty well.

Comfort cooling systems have a sensible heat ratio of 0.60 to 0.70. This means that they are 60 to 70 percent dedicated to lowering temperature, and 30 to 40 percent dedicated to lowering humidity. These systems are typically found in facilities with considerable occupant traffic and doors leading directly to the outside. Conversely, precision cooling systems are designed to achieve a sensible heat ratio of 0.80 to 1.0, with 80 to 100 percent of their effort is devoted to lowering temperature and only zero to 20 percent to lowering humidity

Another paper, from STULZ, explains why Precision Cooling is the right choice:

Precision air-conditioning systems are designed for efficient continuous opera- tion in data centres and telecommuni- cations systems. The sensible cooling capacity of precision air-conditioning systems is considerably higher than in conventional room air-conditioning units – which means that more than 95 % of the energy is used for cooling the room. The air is circulated three times faster, the temperature and humidity are maintained with the utmost accuracy.

So when your small or medium-sized business is looking at how to get the most out of your IT closet or small data center, ask us how we can use Precision Cooling to make your cooling more effective and efficient versus the “comfort” air conditioning currently in the room.