Some common questions and topics we are asked about when discussing preventive maintenance of UPS:Preventive Maintenance of UPS - Service Tech

What is preventive maintenance?

A preventive maintenance visit should include at the minimum: Visual inspections (that include checking for any engineering changes), internal operating parameter checks (updating firmware, checking for Field Service Bulletins), external operating parameter checks, environmental parameters (temperature and cleanliness) and a customer consultation complete with written report.

Why is this important?

It is all about preventing downtime. Data Center Dynamics puts the cost of down-time at $7,900/minThis number is almost certainly rising fast. Further, Data Center Frontier reports that 1/4 of all data center downtime events are caused by the UPSThis underscores the need to take care of our UPS and confirm everything is in order. If you knew that alternators were one of the leading causes of automobile break-downs you would have it checked routinely, wouldn’t you? Of course you would, especially if you needed your car to earn a living. Don’t neglect preventive maintenance of UPS units!

Preventive Maintenance of UPS - Batteries!

Don’t forget the Batteries!

The most unreliable part of any UPS system is the batteries.  In fact, one of the leading causes of load loss is battery failure.  Be sure to include the batteries as part of your preventive maintenance routine, and use either the UPS manufacturer field service or a reputable battery service provider. It is important to do regular battery maintenance so that you can track trends in voltage and impedance, and catch any batteries deviating from the rest of the string.

Preventive Maintenance of UPS - Big Data

Predictive Analytics.

In addition to traditional PM programs, some companies like Eaton are using big data and predictive analytics to identify and replace parts before they fail. Eaton’s product is called Predict Pulse, a next-level monitoring and management service that combines a proactive service approach with a nifty mobile app. It is the first cloud-based analytics service for data center infrastructure, using Eaton’s own cloud. Contact us to learn more.