Businesses have responded quickly and dramatically to rapid technological changes over the last several years. Yet, building systems have been slow to accommodate these demands. Changes to office environment and data centers continue to be disruptive, slow and wasteful. Repairs are unnecessarily costly and labor intensive. Risk to sensitive equipment and remains unnecessarily high. Environmental efficiency and comfort is more data important than ever.

ASM’s raised access flooring systems eliminate the need for embedded wiring and provides instant access to wiring and cabling, allowing for quick and easy reconfiguration. Low cost, energy efficiency and no waste. ASM has developed the technology to address advances in electronic work flow, conservation and occupant comfort through raised access floors.

Based out of Ladson, SC, ASM offers a complete array of cooling solutions for all applications and loading requirements, from perforated panels to standard and directional grates. ….to filled-steel panels….to seismic systems…   ASM offers the most comprehensive variety of support types, providing economical solutions for non-seismic to high risk seismic regions.  Their full line of pedestals can further be strengthened by bolting them to the concrete slab or in combination with ASM’s seismic bracing for the most solid and seismic-resisting access flooring system available.

ASM is trusted and installed in some of the largest data centers in the country – QTS, JP Morgan Chase, Yahoo, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Telx, Dell, Sentinel/CyrusOne, Americal Express, Equinix, T5, Coresite, etc..


ASM Raised Access Floor Systems: Data Center Advantages

Here are just three of many features that deliver the strength and safety you need in your data center:

  • Electrical Grounding: protect your equipment and data
  • Nickel Chrome Plating: eliminate the hazards of zinc whiskering
  • High Strength: the industry’s strongest understructure