Basor Electric is an established manufacturer of cable management solutions within the European community for over 50 years in the field of industrial, electrical, and communication installations. They opened a North American division in 2016 promoting our portfolio of cable tray products and services for pathways and spaces.  Basor Electric focuses its investment on innovation in development of high efficiency, cost- effective solutions offering the most advance products. All products are developed under international standards (IEC, NEMA, ASTM, UL etc.) and they are one of the few companies in the sector of cable management to have its own surface treatment plant, where products are given hot plated, zinc plated or organic coatings.

Get the competitive advantage with the Basorfil BF2R Self Splicing System splices tray in as little as 4 seconds. Tray sections simply snap together creating a UL certified junction. The patented BF2R splice is pre-installed and shipped in place on all widths of 2” and 4” deep Basorfil tray. This splice is a tremendous advantage for installers when deadlines are tight. Installation costs are also reduced as separately purchased splices are not required.


In addition to wire cable tray, Basor offers three new product lines are now available in the US:

Basorplast BPE PVC Cable Tray – Stands up to any environment.

Specifically engineered to handle exterior environments, the PVC material used in Basorplast BPE is formulated to withstand UV rays and chemical exposure. Its solid wall construction is available in ventilated (slotted) or solid tray styles with covers, accessories and supports to match.

Basorplast BPI PVC Cable Tray – Sleek looking for interior applications.

Suited for interior installations and where the cable pathway is not exposed to UV light Basorplast BPI is constructed with a hollow wall design to reduce the overall tray weight, yet keep it strong enough to support cabling loads. All trays are available in ventilated (slotted) and solid wall styles

Fibertrav EFV Fiberglass Cable Tray – For the most aggressive environments.

Supports control and power cabling in the most aggressive chemical and corrosive environments.  is available in 20′ lengths and heights of 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ to meet any NEMA specification. With three choices of rung spacing and tray widths up to 36″, you can create a custom installation for any application. Fibertrav EFV is available with a complete line of accessories, supports and attachment hardware.