As heavy consumers of electrical power, data centers are a target for a variety of energy reduction programs. And with their ability to significantly reduce induction motor power consumption, variable speed drives (VSDs) have recently been finding many more applications in data centers in chillers, chilled water pumps, cooling tower fans and computer room air conditioners (CRACs).

However, although they are very effective in reducing energy, VSDs can introduce serious power quality issues. Harmonic distortion can overheat systems, overuse power, damage equipment, and even cause entire systems to fail. In an industry where reliability is crucial, harmonics must be reduced to manageable levels. Mirus offers proven and reliable harmonic mitigation equipment for data centers where VSDs are now in expanding use.

And even though most computer power supplies are now power factor corrected, which lowers their current harmonics, they are not harmonic free. When a data center is more heavily loaded, higher neutral currents and voltage distortion can still be a concern. The harmonic mitigating transformers built into Mirus power distribution units and remote power panels can ensure that mission critical operations are not effected by harmonic distortion.

Mirus harmonics mitigation solutions ensure reliability by safeguarding the electrical distribution system from harmonic disruptions. By reducing harmonics, they prevent the electrical power distribution from becoming distorted while boosting energy efficiency and saving energy.